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The Society for the Promotion of Vestibules and Vestibule Awareness

July 24, 2010


We Are Words + Pictures at Latitude festival

We Are Words + Pictures had a pretty awesome time at Latitude. Tom has made a comic about it which is far more appropriate seeing as we’re supposed to be promoting comics and all, so I shall keep my gushing about how successful the comics workshops we ran and the WAW+P tent were to a minimum. Just look at this:

Let me digress. I had bought a new tent for the festival thinking it’d be big enough for us (6) all to sit around in and chat once the night had turned cold. Turns out it wasn’t really even big enough for one. Let alone one that is 6ft tall. And so, Eddie kindly said he would let me put my rucksack and stuff in his “vestibule”.

The concept of vestibule rather tickled myself and Philippa Rice and so, before we knew it we were remarking on vestibules left, right and centre and had established The Society for the Promotion of Vestibules and Vestibule Awareness with Eddie as our President.

The exact responsibilities of the Society are still under discussion and development but rest assured there’ll be at least a few pamphlets telling you all you might (n)ever need to know about vestibules and more besides. And they’ll be coming soon.

I also want to write a bunch of stories about festival antics, conversations and clothes. You know, all those people dressed up like giraffe’s talking about the death of capitalism, crowdsurfing and having play fights over ice-cream? What makes them act so barmy and talk like loons is beyond me but it’s absolutely fascinating, isn’t it? I’ve got a few more festivals to go before the end of the year and I’ll see if I have enough material to put a little collection together.

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