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Ornithology in action

January 11, 2012


I’m collaborating on a new short comic with Tom to be published in the next Paper Science. It’s about birds.

Well, sort of.

While I was up in Leeds at Thought Bubble I spent a little time in the Central Library poking around their microfilm collection. I say poking around because really I just opened a drawer on a staircase because it had a sticker on it labelled secret. Turned out it held a collection of bird illustrations by a Reverend and a book on Norwegian natural history. Not exactly what you’d call confidential but two of my favourite ever subjects nonetheless.

Just look at the loon:


So, yes. Somewhere between an icy landscape on the Hurtigruten and the wilderness of the Hebrides comes ‘The Blushing Scot’, a tale about a man, a woman and an ornothological index.

More details to follow soon.

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